Experience Cubano's

Experience the authentic taste of Cuba at Cubano's where it creates a fusion of exclusive flavors and into one elite Latin dining experience. Exemplifying the elegance of its culture, Cubano's distinguises its uniqueness from other Latin tastes, remaining true to the classic appearance that mantels the streets of Havana. Brilliant colors illuminated by natural light, original Cuban frescos depicting landscapes, and waiters wearing guayaberas frame its authentic ambiance, that sooths to the eyes, ears, and noses as preparation for the celebration of foreign spices that follow the mouth.
Renown for its traditional Cuban dish ropa vieja, a slowly-cooked blend of shredded meat in a light tomato sauce served with a generous ration of white rice and black bean soup embraces the ingredients for a satisfied dining experience.
Mi Tierra is a custom made dish for restaurant regulars that combines three favorite traditional entrees into one taste experience including roasted pork, ropa vieja and fricase de pollo -a slow- cooked chicken marinated in a seasoned tomato and wine sauce, simmered in a stew of sauteed legumes.
For those who want to indulge in guilty edible delights, Cubano's is a famous for its classy mojito cocktail -a fashionable mix of white rum, mint leaves and lime wedges suitable for any sophisticated scene, as well as its flan -a creamy custard bathed in a thin caramel syrup.
Enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a festive family night out at Cubano's and experience the closest taste to the forbidden island.


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